All translations are carefully and correctly performed by native speakers of the target language and revised by a speaker of the original language.

How does it work?

1. You send us your text or document using the menu option SUBMIT YOUR FILE or by clicking here.
2. We prepare a quote for your text based on the following aspects:
– The amount of text
– The topic
– The return rate
– Any necessary editing or formatting changes
3. Once you agree to the price and the deadline, Danielle and Bianca from Superior start the work. For scientific articles, the turnover time is typically 7 to 10 days.


The final price depends on the items above and varies according to the project. To receive a quote today, contact us through our page (link pra caixa de contato), email, or phone by calling (310) 683-0534 (US) or +55 (19) 3604-2953 (Brazil).
Click on the following links to see some examples of translations completed by Danielle and successfully published in scientific journals:

Morphological Changes of the Epididymis and Description of the Excurrent Ducts of Phrynops geoffroanus (Testudines: Chelidae) during the Reproductive Cycle by Lilian Belussi et al. from São Paulo State University (UNESP) (alternate link here)

Hemoglobin polymorphism and hematological profile of Geoffroy’s side-necked turtle (Phrynops geoffroanus, Testudines) in the northwestern region of São Paulo State, Brazil by Claudia Bonini et al. from São Paulo State University (UNESP)

Genomic Variants Revealed by Invariably Missing Genotypes in Nelore Cattle by Joaquim Manoel da Silva , Poliana Fernanda Giachetto, Luiz Otávio Campos da Silva, Leandro Carrijo Cintra, Samuel Rezende Paiva, Alexandre Rodrigues Caetano, and Michel Eduardo Beleza Yamagishi

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