“Very High Quality”

Dr. Karina Medici Barrella, partner at Nerthus Análise Ambiental Ltda.


I found out about Danielle’s services online. I’ve had the opportunity to be her student as well as to have important documents translated by her. I took some English classes to prepare for an event during which I would only speak English because, although I had studied the language before, I felt like there was something missing for me to speak more freely. Because Danielle and I don’t live in the same city, I took lessons over Skype. Several things caught my attention during the class: the main one was how dedicated she was when preparing classes, not only with grammar but also with the theme which, in my case, was healthcare. When she noticed that I had difficulty with something specific (in my case, prepositions), she focused on the subject not only during class but also through exercises she sent to me as homework. I managed to detect my difficulties in time to use the content in the event in which I needed the language. As for text revisions, there is nothing like having your text edited by a native speaker. It is undeniable that there was subtle but noticeable change in the quality of the final text and what could be seen as a detail can make a huge difference if the text is going to be read by another native speaker. The project was finished on time and I thought it turned out great. I have recommended her services to friends (both classes and translations). She is an excellent and dedicated professional who goes the extra mile to make sure that her services are of very high quality.

Dra. Karina Medici Barrella
Nerthus Análise Ambiental Ltda.

“Pleasant Rapport”

Leonardo Zamariola, professor and consultant

leonardoI first heard about Superior through a businessman friend of mine. I was looking for classes that offered both good grammar and practical conversation. My English was functional; however, I still suffered with several matters typical of English grammar. I took an experimental class with Danielle and was surprised by the pleasant rapport in class. We talked about current events, discussed news, and even watched TV shows as homework, and in the end, I would bring home several exercises specific to the content in class. It was never boring like in some English schools, where you just repeat predetermined sentences, and that is what most caught my attention. The content in classes is very relevant to everyday life. I’m an economist and, because Danielle knew that, she prepared a great part of the lessons with topics that were relevant to my everyday life. I managed to leave a lesson and apply it to my work right away, something that made learning so much easier. My English has improved without a doubt; I became much more confident in a very short amount of time. I recommend her services to everyone.

Leonardo Zamariola

“Functional Learning”

Alessandra Tavares, Consultant and Coach, Ellune Education and Business

alessandraDanielle isn’t just a native English speaker (which is already a great advantage for her), but also a professional with a degree in linguistics and completely prepared to work with adults. Her teaching skills are unique, which makes the learning process functional, very applicable to everyday life, and really fun! My partner and I noticed a significant improvement in our English after starting classes together with Danielle. We already had advanced English and she helped us become more confident for conversations and for preparing for work meetings and business negotiations. We chose Danielle because of her flexibility to cater to our needs and because she didn’t cling to specific methods or conventional books. We have recommended Danielle to several friends and business partners and feedback is always great!
Alessandra Tavares
Ellune Educação e Negócios