faq-300x2321. What kinds of translation services does Superior offer?

Our most popular service is text-based translations, and scientific paper translations in particular. We often translate other projects and documents, such as PowerPoint presentations, posters, letters, academic documents, and reports. We work with a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical clients offering translations of their research and documentation. The company director, Danielle, is also authorized by the American Translators Association to produce certified translations of any text or document from Portuguese to English. Do you or one of your employees need an ATA-certified translation of a Brazilian marriage license, for example? Maybe you studied in Brazil and need a translation of your diploma or transcript. In cases like these, Superior Translation Services is just the company for you. Learn more about our ATA-certified translations here.

2. How does payment work?

We must receive payment for all translation services before we can hand in the final product to our clients. Payment is accepted via direct deposit or wire transfer to accounts in Brazil or the US, as well as through PayPal.

3. Do you offer Certified Translations? What does that mean, exactly?

Many American institutions require that translations be certified by the American Translators Association. The director of the company, Danielle, is ATA certified and can provide the service for Portuguese-to-English translations. All certified translations are sent with a letter written by the translator certifying the document’s accuracy. This letter includes Danielle’s ATA seal and stamp. When necessary, the letter can be notarized by a notary officer in Brazil. Click here to learn more about certified translations.

4. Do you translate text from image files such as .pdf, .jpg, etc.?

Yes. It is always easier for us to work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other editable files, but we accept PDF and other image formats for translation. Send your PDF to us via this link to receive a quote.

5. Can you translate text with images, charts, graphs?

Yes. We do not offer any editing or plotting service for charts, images, or graphs, but we can translate the text included in them. In this case, we offer a list with the text in the source language followed by the corresponding translation. If your project includes Word-based tables with only words and numbers, we can translate it for our clients while maintaining the original format.